Belshazzar’s Vision Of The Hand Writing On The Wall

Again, I try really hard to give a correct depiction of the Bible. Belshazzar would have come from a region where there were people of color. I can’t stomach the lies that have been told concerning the scriptures. In an effort to promote racism, people who never lived in the region, have been depicted as the people who lived in the area. I have already proven in other post that the people of this region were a part of the African continent. Lies will never amount to the truth, no matter how hard you promote them. So, I will never depict these people as caucasian, because it is ridiculous. There were no Caucasians in the area. There were no sons of Japheth until the Greeks and Romans, during the time of Messiah. And even at that time, they were a mixed people. Do not be deceived, these people were people of color. The gentiles, Sons of Japheth, lived far off, and were not a part of the Old Covenant scriptures. In fact, the apostle Paul verified it by saying, ” But now in Christ Jesus, you who were sometimes far off, are made nigh by the blood of Jesus” And again, “Gentiles had no part in the covenants and promises of God”. The only ones called gentiles in the Bible, are Sons of Japheth.  They lived in the Isles, a region which was far away from the Sons of Ham and Shem. Hollywood has convinced everyone that these were Caucasian people. That is light years away from the truth. There were no Caucasians in the region at that time. Even though a through search of history, archaeology, and the study of genes, has verified that all of mankind began in Africa, there are still racist people who refuse to listen to the truth. I refuse to teach lies! If you have to resort to lies, cheating, and stealing, to make yourself better than someone else, maybe you are not better than anyone! If you stack the deck in your favor, and then claim superiority, there is nothing superior about you at all!

The truth is, the majority of the world, are people of color. When they shed the taboo of being of color, (Which has been drummed into their consciousness), and realize that the majority of people God created have color, they will once again realize that God knew what he was doing when he gave them color. People of color are some of the most beautiful people on the planet. If they weren’t, others would not try to get a tan.

People of color who allow people with no color, to convince them that there is something wrong with having color, have bought into the lies of people with no color. You don’t have to look like someone else to be beautiful. You  don’t have to act like them to be acceptable. You just have to be yourself! If God made flowers, and animals, and insects, and every other creation, to have various descriptions, what would make you think, he wouldn’t do the same with people? I have said it in another post, it took a very small, and insecure mind, to come up with racism. It is anti-God! And those who promote it, are anti-God! Don’t be deceived! People of color are God’s original people.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Caucasian people. I may even be Caucasian. I just don’t think they are any better than anyone. In fact, their history is one of questionable Godly character. All one has to do is research history and you will find some of the most ungodly behavior in all of history. This foolish racial quest for superiority is nothing but ungodliness!

The people of color could very well promote that in the scriptures, when God cursed someone, he turned them white. Check the scriptures! He didn’t curse people and turn them black, he turned them white. What if people of color began to promote the fact that all white people were the cursed of God! How would that make white people feel? The truth is, that is exactly what he did in the Bible, he turned them white. What if the majority of the world came together and said, white people are the cursed of God, and began to treat white people as if they were cursed. Suddenly, the superiority of white people would be in serious jeopardy. God can turn things around on a dime. Don’t become so comfortable in your racism, things can, and eventually will, turn around! Blessings!

Please join me next time as we reveal the truth about Belshazzar’s Hand Writing On The wall!

Much Love To You!

Jacqueline Waller


10 thoughts on “Belshazzar’s Vision Of The Hand Writing On The Wall

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    • There is only one race, the human race. Ethnicities are merely the result of different origins of people, forming new groups within mankind. The Bible staes that from one blood, all people have evolved. That is why racism defies God. It introduces something that is foreign and not of God. God so loved the world. Not a group of people, but all people. That is why we are in the sad state of affairs that we are in. Man always thinks he knows more than God. But his desires will always be selfish! Blessings!

    • Hello nopew! How can it be overstated when the majority of mankind doesn’t know the truth? Please allow the truth to come forward without the same old blocks to the truth. Grin and bear it! Love and blessing to you!

  2. Not overstated at all! I spent my entire life trying to learn the truth. Every time I opened a Bible and see all white people I wondered where I fit. As a result I studied the Bible genealogy. I learned that people of color were the rulers and that I was not just a descendant of slavery. I recall asking a nun the question about color and was told that everyone was created of one color and the different colors resulted due to different climaxes. I also recall reading a book of a black Arthur, can’t recall her name, that all people at that time were of one color and that white people resulted from a mutation.. Another response told to me from a Jehovah witness is that God could create any color he chooses and for me to realize that people of that time were not racist. I learned the truth when I purchased an African Bible because its purpose was to teach n the introductory pages and footnotes who was whom, their culture, and location.

    It makes me wonder what the real reason for the spread of religion was because the Bible has taught me to beware of false prophets! The majority of people do not really read the Bible. They rely on their pastor to preach it to them in church.

    • Exactly knit4profit. That’s why we can’t get to the truth. Everyone is just teaching what they have been taught, even though it is not the truth. Black history, is world history. They had empires that lasted for centuries, but White people have been on a mission to erase all of the history of Black civilization. Even now, God will still get the truth out. Humanity is living a made up lie. Its purpose is to make you think that White people have always been in charge of cilivization, and that Black people didn’t contribute anything to civilization, when they are the foundation of humanity. All of the Old Covenant is about the accomplishments of Black civilization. The Greeks, and Romans learned from the Black Egyptians. It is a shame that White people have tried to portray themselves as the Egyptians, when the Egyptians were Africans. It makes no sense at all! The truth is coming out now! Thank God!

  3. Appreciate your well-thought-out rant. I believe that through our spirit, we share the essence of the
    Spirit of God. All men, women, and children share in this Spirit, regardless of race. We are one in the Spirit. (Yet, we are not God.) God shares his essence with each one of us.

    • Hello wsforchrist! I don’t think it’s a rant. I think it’s the truth. It’s wonderful to say how life should be, but for many, those nice words do not apply. They live a totally different reality. All of the harm that has been done will have to be dealt with before we can claim to be anything like God. Perhaps you got a little feel of what others suffer on a daily basis. Be helpful and begin to teach the truth about the people of the bible. Everyone wants people to shut up about the truth. Go figure! Love and blessings to you wsforchrist!

      • Points well taken. There is much turmoil and injustice in the world. But I stand by my statement that we all share in the same blood, the very essence that God shares with us. In my current post I discuss the fact that it MIGHT be easier for the individual with a full stomach and a roof over the head to experience all the intangible benefits God can provide in the day-to-day. Then, again, it might be just as easy for the person living in poverty to fully comprehend God, through Christ. God, through Christ, is our hope. Hope is what I lean on. Thank you for replying to my comment.

      • Hi wsforchrist! Your point is well take as well. I agree, we are all of the same blood. God IS our only hope! I’ll check out your post as well. Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it! Blessings to you wsforchrist!

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